fūsus extracts and unifies live video and data feeds from virtually any source, creating a central hub that enhances the situational awareness and investigative capabilities of law enforcement and public safety agencies.

IT Support

IT Support: With the high cost of IT personnel, and the low cost of using experts to fill this role on an as-needed basis, a full-time IT staff may not be as essential as initially thought.

Server/Desktop Virtualization

Server Virtualization has revolutionized the IT industry by dramatically reducing hardware costs while increasing the availability and recoverability of critical business applications.

BodyWorn™/In-Car Camera

BodyWorn™ helps police officers automatically capture, offload and view media evidence. With BodyWorn, agencies experience software application updates that maintain pace with the growth and evolution of new technology.

Storage Area Networks

Storage Area Networks: A Storage Area Network (SAN) provides high-performance, highly-available disk storage that serves as a centralized repository for an organization’s mission critical data.

IT Security and Forensics

IT Security and Forensics: PILEUM network security services utilize our expertise in the area of network security, threat, and vulnerability assessments to help our clients by providing practical, cost-effective solutions to safeguard vital information.


CylancePROTECT is the world’s first math and machine learning based endpoint protection product that detects previously “unknown” malware, and prevents it from executing.


Networking: PILEUM Technology Services provide our clients with the required planning, design, and implementation blueprints for today’s complex networking environments.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services: PILEUM is a leading provider of cloud-based services including email, document management, video/voice collaboration, file sharing and backup.

Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration: Pileum Corporation has partnered with industry leader Microsoft to implement Lync, a powerful yet affordable collaboration system.

Email Services

Email Services: For most organizations email is a mission critical business application that is the primary means of communication with their customer base.

IT Project Management

IT Project Management: Trying to justify a new data center, or disaster recovery plan, or maybe just needing a third party to monitor a project implementation?

IT Consulting

IT Consulting: PILEUM has consultants with a broad range of Management and Technology experience. Our practice includes professionals from the areas of senior management, finance, accounting, engineering, and project management.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning: Katrina was enough to make us all understand the importance of having and maintaining a fail-proof disaster recovery plan. Keeping your company up and running despite unplanned interruptions has now become a reality, not an exercise.

Data Center Design

Data Center Design: PILEUM offers expertise in Computer Room Design which is an essential for businesses today to sustain successful operations.

IT Expert for Trial Preparation

IT Expert for Trial Preparation: Pileum can advise on proper presentation methods, recommendations on what discovery should be requested, and can perform computer forensic capture and searches to find deleted or hidden data.

Who We Are

Founded in early 2002 in Jackson, Mississippi, PILEUM is an IT Consulting and Systems Integration firm. We are leading-edge innovators, combining industry knowledge, functional experience, and technology skills to help our clients grow and create extraordinary value in their businesses.