FUSUS Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC)

Some of the key features of the FUSUS RTCC include:

Video Integration

The FUSUS RTCC integrates with various video sources, such as cameras, drones, and other sensors, to provide a complete view of the crime scene. This enables law enforcement agencies to quickly identify suspects and gather evidence.

Advanced Analytics

The FUSUS RTCC uses advanced analytics, such as Artificial Intelligence with object detection, to identify potential threats and suspicious behavior. This helps law enforcement agencies identify suspects more quickly and prevent crimes from occurring.

Real-Time Alerts

The FUSUS RTCC provides real-time alerts for potential security threats, such as suspicious behavior, unattended packages, or other security incidents. This enables law enforcement agencies to quickly respond to potential threats and take proactive measures to prevent crimes.

Crime Mapping

The FUSUS RTCC provides crime mapping capabilities, allowing law enforcement agencies to visualize crime data and identify patterns and trends. This enables agencies to allocate resources more effectively and target high-crime areas more efficiently.

Case Management

The FUSUS RTCC includes a case management system, enabling law enforcement agencies to track cases from start to finish. This helps agencies manage resources more effectively and ensures that cases are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The FUSUS RTCC includes collaboration features, enabling law enforcement agencies to share information and work together more effectively. This helps agencies coordinate resources and respond to incidents more quickly.


The FUSUS RTCC is scalable, enabling law enforcement agencies to expand their capabilities as their needs grow. This ensures that the solution remains effective as the agency's operations evolve.

FUSUS RTCC is a comprehensive solution designed to help law enforcement agencies prevent and solve crimes more effectively. Its key features, including video integration, advanced analytics, real-time alerts, crime mapping, case management, collaboration, and scalability, make it an ideal choice for law enforcement agencies looking to enhance their crime prevention and response capabilities.