Founded in early 2002 in Jackson, Mississippi, PILEUM is an IT Consulting and Systems Integration firm. We are leading-edge innovators, combining industry knowledge, functional experience, and technology skills to help our clients grow and create extraordinary value in their businesses. We come to our clients with the freedom to choose what is best for their particular situation. Our experience from a broad range of industries allows us to use creativity, objectivity, and analytical methodologies in solving problems and/or creating new opportunities.

The PILEUM Difference

We solve business problems by improving business practices and technology. We don’t believe every problem requires a capital expenditure to solve. We don’t believe in selling cool technology just because it’s cool. Technology should be used to make a business more profitable either by saving the customer money, by making a business more efficient, or by allowing a business to provide better service.

PILEUM is not hardware or software centric. We do not have any quotas or bias toward any manufacturer, product, or service. This allows us the freedom to recommend the solution that best fits the customer ‘s needs regardless of the source or manufacturer.

When it comes to Consulting resources, we believe in quality over quantity. Each consultant has an area of expertise that brings real-world experience and certification to our clients. Our philosophy of teaming resources who have also been practitioners gives us the ability to understand how recommended solutions may affect the overall organization.