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IT Expert for Trial Preparation

Most or all of a company’s vital records are now stored electrically on computers, and most communication takes place via e-mail. When legal disagreements happen, it is often the business or individual who can best find, preserve, and present their digital records in a legal dispute.

However, few attorneys or business owners are prepared to properly locate and handle digital information. Many times information has been accidentally or purposefully deleted, data may not be accessible through traditional access methods, or improper handling of data changes or spoils the evidence. You need a partner who can provide expert guidance in the handling of your digital evidence.

Pileum can assist with all phases dealing with electronic evidence. Pileum can advise on proper presentation methods, recommendations on what discovery should be requested, and can perform computer forensic capture and searches to find deleted or hidden data. Pileum can then act as your IT Expert for deposition or trial purposes to make sure that you have the best chance of prevailing in your legal argument.

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