What We Do

Data Center Design

PILEUM offers expertise in Computer Room Design which is an essential for businesses today to sustain successful operations. This service covers all aspects of a new computer room or the re-design of an existing computer room. Disaster recovery and remote location design are also part of PILEUM’s expertise and should be considered critical to business continuity in today’s environment. Computer room designs involve many considerations, from corporate goals to performance and manageability. PILEUM has the expertise to make sure that your next computer room brings the expected value to your organization.

Facility Design

PILEUM understands the changing design concepts and the integration of the latest technologies in the computer room. Our engineers are current in the newest trends, requirements, and regulations for the data center. Essential components changing the dynamics of the environment in the room include heat loads from newer technologies and environmental management software. Additional variables to be evaluated in the design of today’s computer room include:

  • CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) 
  • UPS
  • Cabinets
  • Management
  • Fire Suppressant 
  • Cabling
  • Grounding
  • Ethernet Redundancy

PILEUM will design these requirements utilizing the latest ANSI EIA/TIA Standards. We also have the experience necessary to provide management with the cost components for budgetary purposes.

Information Technology (IT) Design

Today’s typical computer room evolved as needed and in response to the growth and changing business requirements of the company. Servers and network components were added and placed in the room where space allowed. In some cases, computer rooms or various components of the computer room were outsourced. In either case, PILEUM consultants are experienced with designing the right solution for your company to support your business and all it’s applications as well as the Disaster Recovery site.

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